Server Installation Instructions

Speed tests

Installation instructions

  1. Follow these instructions only when you have Ubuntu Server 16.04LTS installed on a physical or virtual machine.
    • Important
      If you are going to work with a VPS (Virtual Private Server or Virtual Private Server) make sure that in VirtualBox Network> Adapter1 is connected to bridge adapter and have the correct physical interface selected which connects to your network.
  2. Open a session on your server.
  3. Assuming the registered user is administrator , where he says Login type administrator and where he says password type your password.
  4. Launch the
    command and enter the IP address that appears after inet addr:
  5. Download the speed test server by clicking on the download button on this page
  6. Abra la aplicación FileZilla
  7. In the upper left, create a new site called serverTestsSpeed.
    • Where it says server write the IP of your server
    • In protocol select SFTP
    • In access mode select normal
    • In user write the name of your user
    • In password enter your users password
  8. Click connect
  9. Upload the servidorPruebasVelocidad.tar.gz file to the
     / home / administrator 
    directory of your server.
  10. Return to the main screen of your VPS
  11. Enter your home directory with the
     cd / home / administrator 
  12. Inside type the following command to unpack the package
    sudo tar -xzvf ./servidorPruebasVelocidad.tar.gz
  13. Enter the unzipped directory with the command:
     cd ./servidorPruebasVelocidad 
  14. Run the installer with the command:
    sudo ./
  15. ¡Ready! Open a browser and enter the IP of your server to start the speed test.
  16. ¡ ¡ ¡ Bonus ! ! !
    If you want to change the IP of your server you can launch the following command
    sudo ./
    which will ask you for the new IP, network mask, gateway and DNS.
  17. ¡Ready!
    Your server already has a static IP.

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