Server Installation Instructions

Speed tests 2

Installation instructions

  1. Follow these instructions only when you have Ubuntu Server 18.04LTS installed on a physical or virtual machine.
    • Important
      If you are going to work with a VPS (Virtual Private Server or Virtual Private Server) make sure that in VirtualBox Network> Adapter1 is connected to bridge adapter and have the correct physical interface selected, which connects to your network.
  2. Open a session on your server.
  3. Assuming the registered user is administrator , where he says Login type administrator and where he says password type your password.
  4. Launch the
    command and enter the IP address that appears after inet
  5. Download the speed test server 2 by clicking on the download button on this page
  6. Open the FileZilla application
  7. In the upper left, create a new site called speedServer .
    • Where it says server write the IP of your server
    • In protocol select SFTP
    • In access mode select normal
    • In user enter the name of your user
    • In password enter your users password
  8. Click connect
  9. Upload the file servidorPruebasVelocidad2.tar.gz to the directory
    of your server.
  10. Return to the main screen of your VPS
  11. Enter your home directory with the command
    cd /home/administrator
  12. Inside type the following command to unpack the package
    sudo tar -xzvf ./servidorPruebasVelocidad2.tar.gz
  13. Enter the unzipped directory with the command:
    cd ./servidorPruebasVelocidad2
  14. Run the installer with the command:
    sudo ./
  15. ¡Ready! Open a browser and enter the IP of your server to start the speed test.
  16. ¡ ¡ ¡ Bonus ! ! !
    If you want to change the IP of your server you can launch the following command
    sudo ./
    which will ask for the new IP with CIDR, gateway and DNS.
  17. ¡Ready!
    Your server already has a static IP.

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