Frequent questions

You can request it directly at our branch located in Cuitlahuac # 10, San Martín de las Pirámides or by calling 56 2436 5232 or our office at 594 108 1283
3 to 5 business days after you have made your request.
You can report to the following numbers:
You hire the service for as long as you want.

It is easy, you just need:

  • 1 copy of voter card
  • Name
  • Phone

No, it is necessary for Livaur to provide you with the necessary equipment for the network connection.

If you do not want to continue hiring the Livaur Internet service, the uninstallation is scheduled and one of our technicians will pick up the equipment.

Yes, it has an installation price of $2,150 MXN.

You can make your payment at:

At any time you can request the change of plan and the difference with respect to the price will be charged or paid on the following invoice.

The customer is responsible for taking proper care of the equipment, to prevent damage.
In case of electric shock it is recommended to keep it connected to a no-break or a regulator.
If the client does NOT have it properly protected , then the client must pay for the replacement of damaged equipment.
If the client has protected it, then we make the change at no extra cost.

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Phone: 594 108 1283
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Cuitláhuac #10
San Martín de las Pirámides
Estado de México

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Facebook Messenger: Mensaje a @livaur
Mobile: +52 56 2436 5232
Phone: 594 108 1283