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Speed tests 2

Easy installation

In a few minutes you can install and start using your own speed test server within your company.

Maximum compatibility

You can do the tests from your PC, Laptop, Smartphone and any device that has a web browser.

Responsive Design

Your design will look great on all devices where you use it.

vista del servidor de pruebas de velocidad

Speed test server requirements

You will need to have the following items available on your computer:

  • Filezilla. (Click toheredownload it)
  • Physical or virtual server with Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS.
    ( Download the ISO image of here )
  • VirtualBox only if you are going to install the speed test server on a VPS within your network.
    ( You can download it from here )

Software package

Get the server for just 5 Dollars
* Up to 1 hour of installation.
to download

Installation instructions

Click on the following link to see the installation instructions Instructions .

Speed Test Server v1

If you want version 1, click on the following link of the speed test server .

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