ISP management system


Cloud system where you can manage all your ISP from anywhere in the world

Use multiple services

You can use multiple internet lines on the same router and define which clients will go through any of those internet services..

Cloud system

You do not need to have a local server, the system works and manages your network no matter where in the world you are.

Automatic administration

Spend more time to install more internet services on your network, ArgusBlack will handle the administrative part, billing, automatic outages, bandwidth control, internet reuse management, etc.

¿What is ArgusBlack?

It is a cloud system for ISP, focused on the administration of centralized or decentralized networks.

From one place you can control all routers, clients, plans, products, services, geolocations, etc. that your company uses.

No matter where in the world or the time you are in, ArgusBlack will be at your disposal, to see and control the management of your customers and network.

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Very friendly interfaces

Queue Tree and Simple Queues

ArgusBlack by default it uses the Queue Tree to be able to make good control of the bandwidth delivered to the clients and an excellent administration of the reuse of the bandwidth available for the services received by the router. You can also control bandwidth by simple queues.


These are some of the most outstanding features that it has ArgusBlack.

No installation required

Being a Cloud system, it does not need to be installed on any server in your company. It only requires the autoconfigurator to do its job on your Mikrotik router.

Automatic billing

Do not worry about generating the invoices month by month, ArgusBlack will do this work for you.

Notice of payment

The system mails notifications to customers when their invoice has been generated, when the service is about to expire and when the service has expired, it can also display a suspended service screen every time they open the browser on any device.

Automatic cuts

If you have not received payment from the customer before a certain date, ArgusBlack will deactivate the service until the customer makes your payment.

Technical support

Manage your customer support tickets and set priorities, this will make it easy to solve them quickly.

Continuous updates

Updates are constantly and transparently charged to the system. This allows your operation to always be active and you can enjoy the new improvements instantly.


Manage the users that are part of your team and can access the system.

PPPoE + Reuse

PProvides internet service with PPPoE encapsulation together with a reuse of bandwidth provided by ArgusBlack.


Control the generation of tokens very easily. They will always be in sync on your router, no matter if you restart it.

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