Computer Network Consulting

Fast and effective

Time is valuable, counted and never comes back. When you have a doubt there is always time to solve it. We support you to find the best solution as quickly as possible.

Guaranteed work

All advice, configuration, ready-made equipment or software, we guarantee its correct operation according to your specifications.

Tailored solution

Tell us what you want to do and we support you with ideas, examples, configurations, knowledge in networks and more, depending on how far you want to go.

Consulting process

We handle a very simple process for the solution to your problems.

1. Contact

Talk to us via Facebook Messenger or by phone the problem you have.

2. Proposal

We send you a proposal based on the situation.

3. Payment

Once you accept the proposal, you make the payment of the query via PayPal, in our Banamex account or deposit in OXXO.

4. Solution Development

We create a customized solution based on our experience and satisfying your needs.

5. Delivery

We get in touch by phone and with the support of AnyDesk we present the solution.

iMac con Winbox

This is what happens in a query

Maybe you think were going to ask you very advanced things when you tell us your problem, but is much more pleasant than you think

At some point we go through the same doubts you have now, from what was the difference between a router and a switch, to more advanced topics like queue trees, QoS, Router control via API, scripting, SNMP protocol, VLANs, PPPoE and much more in RouterOS.

We understand you Its a very wide world of information, but we can guide you on the road.

Our Jobs

Some queries resolved

We show you some of the queries made and the solutions we do for our clients.

Hotspot configuration

The client was taught how to configure a hotspot from start to finish, create profiles, delete profiles automatically in defined time as soon as they start to be used.

QoS, Layer 7 and Regex1

Quality of service was implemented and specific patterns were created in Layer7 for the domains requested by the client to give maximum priority to these.

Queue Tree implementation

Queue Tree was implemented, because the clients bandwidth was limited, but he needed to implement a correct 1: 5 reuse to get the most out of his internet service.

PCC balancer with Failover for 8 PPPoE lines

A configuration of PPPoE links with load balancing and failover was made, which allowed the client to take full advantage of all internet connections.

Installation and configuration of 2 DNS servers

The client was shown how to install a pair of DNS to manage domains within the network as well as improve the response time when a user navigates in different internet sites.

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