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Connect Multiple Routers

You can manage multiple routers installed in different places and manage them in a centralized way

Cloud System

You don't need to have a dedicated server, the system works and manages your network no matter where in the world you are.

Remote Administration

Take charge of creating and managing files, layouts, portals and clients remotely ArgusBlack will be in charge of synchronizing everything to each assigned router and everything remotely

What is the hotspot module?

The HotSpot module is designed and focused on the centralized management of multiple routers in different sites.

From a single place you will be able to control all the routers, layouts, file designs, geolocations and assignments of vendors by sites and routers.

Regardless of where you are in the world or what time you are, ArgusBlack will be at your disposal to see and control the management of your hotspots and tokens.

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Very friendly interfaces

Users and Simple Queues

ArgusBlack can be configured in different ways according to the needs of each site, you can create tabs for a specific time with speed limits to browse or create mega packages without speed limits, users can choose the tab that best suits their needs.


These are some of the most outstanding features that the Hotspot module has.


Easily control the generation of tokens. They will always be in sync on your router, no matter if you reset it.


Centralize token generation in one place, manage sales and layouts for specific sites, control access by PIN or Username and Password.


Easily control the generation of tokens. They will always be in sync on your router, no matter if you reboot it.

User profiles

Register user profiles that adapt to the needs of each site or point of sale of your files, assign download and upload speed, time limit, expiration time or data traffic limit.


You can create different layouts for your captive portals and listings by editing text, colors, backgrounds, and placing images or text banners.


Add the site to keep track of where your hotspots are installed.

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